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Some Tips and Tricks for Illustrator

Posted in Articles on November 5th, 2015 | No Comments

Tips and tricks for Illustrator

In this post I am sharing some useful tricks that I figured out inadvertently. It feels great when you suddenly find quick ways which improve your performance. While playing with the Brush Stroke I find the easy way to reverse the direction of a stroke. Similarly I found the quick way to get back to the Selection Tool. These simple discoveries encourage me to explore more in illustrator and I found more of them later on. So here are some of them explained below for your convenience. Hope it will be new and helpful to you.

Selection Tool

Do you know that you can get Selection Tool, Direct Selection Tool or Group Selection Tool frequently while using some other tools? For example, you have selected the Rectangle Tool in the Tool Box and you have drawn some rectangles in the artboard. Then you need to select one particular rectangle to change its fill color. What you have to do is press Ctrl and hold it, your cursor will change into Selection Tool although the Rectangle Tool is selected in Tool Box. You don’t need to select the Selection Tool for it. You will get the last used Selection Tool when you press Ctrl.

Tips and tricks for Illustrator selection tool

I found it very helpful while creating Photorealistic Vector Images. I have to switch frequently between Mesh Tool and Direct Selection Tool in the process where the Ctrl key helped me lot.

Reverse Brush Stroke

What if you have to reverse the brush stroke in your artwork without changing its shape? For example, you have drawn a curve using Pen Tool and applied an Art Brush on it. Now you have to change its direction without affecting its shape. To do so, re-select the path and select the Pen Tool. Then move the cursor at the endpoint of the path. When you hover the cursor over the endpoint a forward slash will appear. Then click it and the path will change its direction.

Tips and tricks for Illustrator reversing the stroke

Combining Text Boxes

You can combine many scattered Text Boxes into single Text Box just by copying and pasting. If you got different Text Boxes copied from different sources and have to make a single paragraph, this trick can be helpful to you. What you have to do is, first copy all the Text Boxes you need to combine. Then create a new Area Text Box using Text Tool and paste it. All the text will flow in new Area Text Box in the stacking order in which they have been copied. The best thing is the non-text element won’t be pasted if you copied them accidentally.

Tips and tricks for Illustrator text box

Tips and tricks for Illustrator text box

Tips and tricks for Illustrator text box

Constrain Angle

Basically it’s an option available in the Preference under General section. Go to Edit > Preference > General and you will find it underneath Keyboard Increment option. You can enter any value and it will affect all the Tools in Illustrator. It can help you while creating some isometric objects for patterns or some other projects that requires alignment to the objects at certain angles.

Tips and tricks for Illustrator constrain angle

OK that’s all for today. Hope all these will be helpful to you!

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Written by Ashok Shrestha
Ashok Shrestha is an up and coming graphic designer for both print and web. He is knowledgeable in Adobe C.S. 3/ C.S. 4, Joomla and Wordpress. He likes to experiment with various techniques in both print and web.

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