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How to create a vector rss icon

Posted in Tutorials on December 3rd, 2012 | 2 Comments


When I was making my very first blog, I was looking for nice social media icons. I googled out many samples. Most of them are very simple and nice. One of them is familiar orange RSS icon. I sort out one to use in my blog.
Then I thought, why not making one myself. I know that I can get plenty of vivid styles of free icons. But using the self-made one feels great. Then I opened up my Illustrator and start creating it.


Here’s how to go about it…

rss icon

Start by drawing a rounded rectangle at the centre of the new artboard. To get the perfectly squared shape, hold the SHIFT key and tap the cursor keys UP and DOWN to adjust the roundness of the corners. For the précised figure, simply click on the artboard and will popout a dialog box. Enter 70mm width and height with 10mm to corner radius and ENTER. You will get a nice square shaped box with rounded rectangle.


Head up to the Gradient panel and add an orange fill with a vertical gradient ranging from a light orange to a darker one.


Copy the shape by pressing CTRL/CMD + C and press CTRL/CMD + F to paste in front. Then holding ALT key scale down the shape slightly. Alternately, you can select the shape and go to OBJECT menu and head down to PATH and select OFFSET PATH. Enter a negative value as your requirement and you will get a smaller shape.


Rotate it to make its upside down.


Selecting the small shape press CTRL/CMD + C to copy and press CTRL/CMD + F for two times to paste two such shapes in front. Fill them with white color. Select the latest white shape and holding the SHIFT key press UPHEAD arrow key for couple of times and make sure it move up to cover half of the original shape. Then selecting both white shapes DIVIDE them using pathfinder. Press CTRL/CMD + SHIFT + G to ungroup them and delete all except the intersected part.

Now once again copy the smaller shape and press CTRL/CMD + F to get another shape at the top. Selecting the latest shape, hit DOWNHEAD arrow holding the SHIFT key for two times. Select both smaller shapes and divide them using pathfinder. Press CTRL/CMD + SHIFT + G to ungroup the shapes and delete the bottom shape.


Set the opacity of the top and intersected shape around 70% and 20% respectively.


Draw a circle using circle tool anywhere outside the artboard. Keep the fill none and stroke to a thick 25pt black. Use DIRECT SELECTION tool to select and delete two (indicated by red circle) of four points to make an arc.

Copy and paste in front the shape and scale it down to left holding SHIFT key. Now draw a small circle with black fill without stroke in alignment with the arcs to complete the well known RSS symbol.


Selecting all three shapes press CTRL/CMD + G to group them. Go to the OBJECT menu and select EXPAND. Mark the stroke only and hit ok to turn the stroke into shape.


With that three shapes selected add gradient fill heading vertical from light grey to white and 1pt light grey stroke. To add some shadows go to the FILTER menu. Head down for STYLIZE option and select DROP SHADOW. Move the sliders and set the values until you are satisfied with the preview mode on. Use the SELECTION  tool to align the symbol with the orange background objects.


You should have something like the picture above.

This is how I get a RSS icon to use in my blog. Now its your turn to use it in your blog.

Written by Ashok Shrestha
Ashok Shrestha is an up and coming graphic designer for both print and web. He is knowledgeable in Adobe C.S. 3/ C.S. 4, Joomla and Wordpress. He likes to experiment with various techniques in both print and web.

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